About us

Red Arch Community Events, Inc

Red Arch Community Events, Inc. (RAC Events, Inc.) is a non-profit organization led by two community-focused women in Columbus, Indiana.

Amy Stoughton Berquist,
Director of Community Partnerships

Amy has been a long-time resident of Columbus, Indiana, and her non-profit work includes leading CAP Prom, Toys for Tots, and Think Local Columbus. She is also in Leadership Bartholomew County. 

Sarah Forbes,
Director of Events

Sarah has several years of experience in event planning with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Tourism, Conventions, & Event Management. She is a past CAP Prom Queen raising the most funds to support Family Services.

Committee Members

Kami Adams
Lindsey Babinec
Mariah Beaty
Angie Behrman
Skylar Berry
Crystal Burris
Dani Carr
Jody Coffman
Tyler Nickerson
Danielle Nickerson
Maddie Paul
Julie Pierce
Sulava Piya
Paul Pulkowski
Aspen Daniels
Isaiah Estes
Joe Forbes
Robin Gill
Travis Glick
Jena Glick
Kristen Goecker
Michelle Gordon
Vanessa Sagester
Linda Schadenfroh-Keller
Adam Schill
Gwen Schoessler
Jenny Smillie
Dallas Grider
Heather Hendley
Candi Hester
Eric Heyob
Raina Jones
Danielle Kelsey
Ashley Knight
Aubrey Smith
Jacob Stansbury
Kristy Stansbury
Julie Stattenfield
Ali Stearns
Abby Stone
Shelby Kushner
Emilee Lang
Darcey Laymon
Ernest Lifferth
Rebecca Malburg
Maddison McElroy
Heather Means
Shella Moss
Nikki Venter
Brock Whalen
Nichole Young
Karen Stonehill
Christina Smith
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